Granfondo 9 Colli

Granfondo 9 Colli

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We're in Italy on the 2010 Gran Fondo 9 Colli run, whose route is developped on the beautiful "Romagnolo" land.

This is the 40th edition of an event where take part more or less 12.000 cyclists.
Here are reproposed the 130 km of the short run alternate from differences, level run, apparently flat ground, 4 climbs and downhill race.
It begins from the first climb "Polenta" with a lenght of 8 km, a difference of 227 mt and an average slope of 3,06%; after different differences and apparently flatground it goes on the second climb "Pieve di Rivoschio" with the same lenght of the first one, but with a difference of 307mt and an average slope of 4,74%, then it continues to the third climb "Ciola" with 6 km lenght, 313 mt of difference and an average slope of 5,52% to reach the fourth and last climb "Barbotto" long 5,5 km with a difference of 372 mt and an average slope of 6,91%.

It starts in Cesenatico, and goes cross to Martorano, Diegaro, Forlimpopoli, Bertinoro, Polenta, Fratta Terme, Meldola, Pieve di Rivoschio, Linaro, Ciola, Mercato Saraceno, Barbotto, Sogliano al Rubicone, Borghi, Savignano sul Rubicone to reach the finish to Cesenatico.




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